Credit Analysis, Industry Research & Risk Management

Our analysts, economists and strategists create timely, in-depth analysis of companies, industries, markets and economies, supporting clients to better inform their investment decisions and identify opportunities across major asset classes and geographies.

As well as conducting research for our external stakeholders, we have colleagues dedicated to conducting in-depth research on targeted companies and industries in EMEA to support our credit and risk teams, and ultimately our credit decisions.

Our credit and risk teams work together with other teams to ensure the integrity of transactions we agree to, and their diligence ensures our stakeholders and our business operations are protected.

Responsibilities are varied across the functions, but between the teams a wide range of risk considerations are carefully reviewed, monitored, and mitigated against including, but not limited to:

  • financial risks
  • operational risks
  • strategic risks
  • legislative and regulatory risks
  • political risks
  • geographical and environmental risks

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Financial Analyst - Associate Director
Financial Analyst - Associate Director London, GB 24-May-2022 0.00 km
Corporate Finance London, GB 24-May-2022
Financial Crime and Sanctions Associate Director
Financial Crime and Sanctions Associate Director London, GB 22-May-2022 0.00 km
HR, Facilities, Finance, Legal, Compliance, Audit London, GB 22-May-2022
Project Finance Portfolio manager - Associate Director Structured & Project Finance London, GB 21-May-2022
Leveraged Finance Associate
Leveraged Finance Associate London, GB 19-May-2022 0.00 km
Acquisition Finance London, GB 19-May-2022
Project Finance Porfolio Associate
Project Finance Porfolio Associate London, GB 18-May-2022 0.00 km
Structured & Project Finance London, GB 18-May-2022